Specialty mushrooms, grown with love

We are a homegrown indoor farming operation, growing culinary mushrooms for use in cooking, as well as functional mushrooms for medicinal uses. We believe mushrooms can be used for the greater good of people & the planet, and want to bring that goodness to more people across Southern Ontario.

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We sell to customers directly through online orders, farmer's markets & sell wholesale to local restaurants and retail stores

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A fun & unique way to grow your own food at home with Canada-wide shipping & Northumberland local delivery options.

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Our Community Partners

We partner with local businesses to offer our mushrooms to our community on many menus and shelves!
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Good food starts with good ingredients

Mushrooms have a lot going for them. They are a super flexible addition to almost any flavour or dish - on pizza, pasta, or salad; in an omelette, stir fries and bowls - it's hard to find a place mushrooms can't fit in. On top of their great gustatory potential, they are also highly nutritious & an easy health conscious choice for anyone's plate.

  • Good for our Diets

    Mushrooms are an underrated superfood: low-calorie, low-sodium, fat-free & cholesterol-free, many varieties are often packed with fiber, B-vitamins, copper, potassium, and a moderate amount of protein including all nine of the essential amino acids. It’s hard to get a better bang for your buck.

  • Good for the Heart

    Mushrooms contain beta-glucans - soluble dietary fibers that improve cholesterol & boost heart health by regulating blood sugar, and are being researched for their potential to stimulate the immune system & help fight off disease & infection

  • Good for our Cells

    Mushrooms contain antioxidants like selenium, ergothioneine & glutathione, protecting us from damaging free radicals - unstable atoms & molecules in our bodies - that cause damage & oxidative stress to our cells and can result in illness, cancers & aging.

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Agar, wood, and everything good - a passion for quality materials and process

  • We are growing with locally sourced supplements & substrates to support Canadian agriculture

  • We are growing on 100% Recycled Hardwood - oak, maple & birch, byproducts from the furniture & cabinet industry

  • We are growing naturally without the use of chemicals like insecticides, pesticides, or fungicides

  • We are growing Vegan friendly without the use of animal byproducts like gelatine or manure

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Good for the Earth, from the Earth

Mushroom farming is a sustainable agriculture practice - growing them uses less water, energy, land, and emits less carbon dioxide than almost any other agricultural practice today. They are produced using natural materials that are often sourced from the byproducts of other agricultural divisions or industries - helping to save wasted resources.

Mushrooms are also a powerhouse of nutrition & have a unique textural quality that make them an excellent ingredient to supplement or emulate meat in our diets - a simple & easy choice we can make to rely less on commercial meat production, a significant contributor to the current climate crisis.

We proudly contribute to our planet in a conscientious & intentional way, and want to allow more people to share in that choice with delicious & healthy products.

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