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Mushroom Mini-Farm

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Important information before buying:

Local Delivery, Pickup & Shipping

We offer 3 options when checking out based on your postal code:

  • Local Delivery: We only deliver to Northumberland County South/Central Postal Codes (Cobourg All K9A; Grafton K0K 2G0; Colbourne K0K 1S0; Baltimore K0K 1C0; Port Hope all L1A except Rural L1A 3V5, 3V6, 3V7, 3V8)
  • Pickup: We offer contactless pickups from our home farm (see location below Add to Cart Button)
  • Shipping: Canadian addresses only

2-9 Day Processing Time

After placing an order, it will take 2-9 days to process your order before it can be picked up, locally delivered, or shipped. You will receive an email letting you know when it is ready to leave the farm. Shipping estimates do not include this time.

Time-Sensitive Live Mycelium

The mini-farms are produced and sold with the intention to be started within a week of your receiving them. If you cannot start within a week or are saving it to start later/gift to someone else, you can put the whole box in a fridge to hibernate the mycelium for up to a month. Please do not order a kit and forget about it, as it will have subpar results.

A Mushroom Mini-farm is a unique way to grow your own food at home and experience the mushroom life cycle up close & personal, from root to harvest. 

Our wood substrate blocks are colonized with the spores of a specific mushroom species and have been pre-incubated to allow the mushroom's mycelium roots to grow, so when you receive your mini-farm, it's ready to grow mushrooms for you!

Growing mushrooms at home is as simple as:

1) Cutting a hole in the plastic bag surrounding your block to allow oxygen in

2) Misting the cut area with tap water from any spray bottle 2-4 times a day to provide a humid environment

3) Watching the 'pins' of baby mushrooms grow each day into beautiful edible mushrooms that you can harvest & cook with right away, no washing necessary. 

See our FAQ page for more detailed information about growing your mushroom mini-farm, as well as cooking & eating mushrooms.

Included in your Box

  • One 3.5lb block of colonized sawdust in a plastic bag
  • A detailed instruction card
  • Spray bottle is not included - any *clean* household spray bottle will work, as well as personal home humidifier units. 

Product Details

  • Grow time to first harvest: 8-12 days for Oysters, 18-22 days for Lion's Mane
  • Harvests: Guaranteed 1, up to 3 possible
  • Growing Environment: Indoors, ambient (not direct) light, room temperature
  • Product Shelf life: 1 week unrefrigerated, 1 month refrigerated, do not freeze
  • Fresh Mushroom Shelf life: 5-8 days in the fridge, 4-7 days further once cooked, 6 months if frozen after being cooked (do not freeze raw mushrooms).
  • Box Weight: 3.5lbs
  • Box Size: 6.5" W x 5.75" L x 5.5" H
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